Chak Tze Chin

Chak Tze Chin  holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Wood Science and Technology and a Diploma in Forestry , Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). Tze Chin has sound knowledge of climate change issues, principally mitigation measures, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and carbon mapping, able to demonstrate knowledge in carbon related sectors, renewable energy, energy efficiency and forestry. She has over five years of experience in developing emission reduction projects. Tze Chin joined TI-M in August 2013 as the Senior Project Officer of the Forest Governance Integrity (FGI) Project, promoting good governance and effective management of the nation’s forest resources. Currently, Tze Chin is the Manager of TI-M since January 2016.

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Senior Executive 

R.J. Bavani

Upon the completion of her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Bavani Jayadevan. R worked with the Investigation Services Unit at Citigroup Transaction. She then continued with a Masters Degree in Economic Crime Management in HELP University. Bavani has an interest in the field of White-Collar Crime, particularly in the area of Corruption in the Public Sector. She joined TI-M in 2015. The focal point of Bavani’s job scope is to further develop the ‘Speak Up’ Project and to expand TI-M’s initiatives in cultivating a society of integrity through working with youths. She is also supporting the Business Integrity Programme, which looks at promoting good governance and Integrity, while reducing corruption in the private sector.