Corporate Integrity System Best Practice Session at Thumbprints United Sdn Bhd

CIS BPR thumbprints

RAWANG, 28 March 2013 – Thumbprints United Sdn Bhd, a TI-Malaysia’s corporate member hosted the second edition of TI-M’s Corporate Integrity System (CIS) Best Practice Seminar. A total of 9 companies sent representatives to participate the seminar. These 9 companies included government-linked, multinational and private companies. As a follow up to the first Best Practice Seminar, corporations were given a good platform to exchange ideas and viewpoints on improving the level of integrity and accountability across the business community. This seminar also allowed the participants to:

  1. To observe Thumbprints United’s Zero Corruption Policy
  2. For participants to share integrity best practices form their own organisations
  3. To create a platform for knowledge sharing through case studies, past experience and Q&A

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