Tainted Treasures: Money laundering risks in luxury markets – By TI-S

From Ukraine1 to Tunisia2 and Brazil3, large-scale cases of grand corruption in recent years have involved the acquisition of luxury property, vehicles and goods. This report examines the risk of luxury goods and assets being used to launder the proceeds of corruption, including in the art world and the marketplaces for super-yachts, precious stones and jewels, high-end apparel and accessories, and real estate. Download Full Report: Tainted Treasures

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Licence to Bribe? Reducing corruption risks around the use of agents in defence procurement

Agents have played a key role in defence procurement for decades and many cases of procurement corruption have involved agents. They are widely recognised as one of the highest risk factors for corruption across the sector but, despite recent changes to the regulatory environment, the risks are as difficult to manage as ever. Download Licence to Bribe? For more info on projects, publications and research on the topic of transparency in the defence

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TI-M-Forest Governance & Integrity Publication – “Going. Going…Gone?”

In order to deal with corruption in the forestry sector, thenature of the problem must be understood and its importance recognised. Increasing transparency and participation are key measures that should be adopted as part of a holistic approach to strengthening forest governance systems. The degradation of Malaysia’s forests is so severe that it requires urgent public participation in the governance of the nation’s legendary tropical forests.

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Speak Up Against Corruption – Citizen’s Handbook

We want you to SPEAK UP to fight corruption. TI-M has published a book called “Speak up against corruption – citizen’s handbook” that aims to inform you, engage you, and empower you to help improve your willingness to report corruption. Be the ears and eyes. Be aware and speak up to bring corruption to light. The handbook is available in the following languages: a. English (Speak Up Against Corruption) b. Malay (Bersuara Menentang Rasuah)

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Launch of “Reforming Political Financing in Malaysia” Publication

On 23 May 2010, Dato’ Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed, Chief Commissioner of Malaysia Anti- Corruption Commission (MACC) launched the TI-M book and national campaign on reforming political financing in Malaysia. The book is based on pioneering work undertaken since 2009 on the financing of politics in Malaysia. The project was supported by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. The book is based on primary and secondary research undertaken in 2009. Interviews were

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Reforming Political Financing Publication

The exercise of democracy in modern political systems has become inseparable from the role that political parties play in popular representation. Today, substantial resources need to be mobilized to participate in the political process, making political parties a dominant force in the political landscape of governance. As a result, political parties have to exert much influence on society and its institutions, affecting the way democracies function.

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