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TI-Malaysia positioned as mover for the new International Standard ISO 37001:2016 – Anti-Bribery Management System

In 2014, Transparency International-Malaysia (TI-M) lauded the appointment of Dr. KM Loi, present Deputy President of TI-M as the Vice Chair to ISO/PC278, the project committee tasked to develop the anti-bribery management standard for International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Two years later, TI-M is pleased to see the progress of this standard and the supports given by the Minister in Prime Minister’s Department[i], Department of

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Transparency In Corporate Reporting: Assessing Emerging Market Multinationals

Transparency International released its study on disclosure practices of 100 emerging market multinationals (EMM) headquarters in 15 countries and active in 185 countries after their first study in 2013. Disappointingly, EMMs’ disclosures remain weak with overall average score of 3.4 out of 10, weaker performance than in 2013. The result shows EMMs must RAISE THE BAR on their transparency performance if they are to do business competitively in

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Business Integrity Programme

Corruption is a great challenge and an obstacle to good business. Corruption adds to the cost of doing business, distorts competition and presents serious legal and reputational risks. In more recent times, the fight against corruption has gained momentum nationally and internationally, with many countries tightening or introducing new anti-bribery laws. Recognising the need to improve accountability, transparency and governance, TI-M established

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TI BIP Regional Chapters Support

Bribery in business remains a major concern worldwide. It adversely distorts the market mechanism: driving costs up, and lowering the quality of goods and services. In recent years, hefty fines, damaged reputations and jail sentences were imposed on corporations and their employees for indulging in corrupt practices. These penalties clearly indicate that the cost and risks of using corrupt practices in business grossly outweighs its potential rewards.

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TI-Malaysia and Corporate Integrity System Malaysia

In Malaysia, TI-Malaysia started the BIP in 2011 and has gained much traction since its inception. Apart from engaging with the business sector directly, TI-Malaysia also participates in a government initiative known as Corporate Integrity System Malaysia (CISM). CISM is a conceptual framework set up by the Malaysian Institute of Integrity (IIM) and supported by various institutions in Malaysia. The main objective of the CISM initiative is to creating

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TI BIP Malaysia Sdn Bhd Signs Corporate Integrity Pledge

KUALA LUMPUR, Tuesday 31 December – In line with our good governance principal, TI BIP Malaysia Sdn Bhd is now a signatory to the Corporate Integrity System Malaysia's Corporate Integrity Pledge. We pledge that we shall: not, thorough any of our employees, representatives or agents, commit any corruption offence under any law, such as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 or Penal Code; not conduct any business practices or activities

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