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All Law makers should declare their Assets & Income to MACC

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1st July 2019- Following Tun Mahathir's confirmation that the government will be tabling a motion in the Dewan Rakyat this July to make it compulsory for all MP's and their families to declare their assets to MACC, Transparency International Malaysia is urging the Opposition MPs to do so with the anti- graft body as soon possible, as it is the right thing to do. They should not wait for any law to be passed to be forced upon them to declare. Currently, only Pakatan Harapan MPs have declared their assets and income to MACC.

TI-Malaysia's President Dr Muhammad Mohan applauds the action by the government to table this motion next week and urges law makers from both sides of the political divide to support this motion as a first step. He hopes the next step will be to enact a bill and eventually be passed as a law so that there is greater transparency and accountability by politicians.

Some politicians are reluctant to declare their assets and income for privacy concerns or fearing that they will be targeted by criminals. To this Dr Mohan reminded politicians that it was they who chose to be a politician and therefore they have to be mindful that as representative of the people they need to be transparent, uphold integrity` and make full disclosure on their assets and income. There is nothing to be worried if you have worked hard and earned your wealth by honest means.

Transparency International stands by its commitment to fight and eradicate corruption. For further information on TI-Malaysia and the work that we do, please call Adlina at +6019 272 7288 ( or Dr Muhammad Mohan at +6012 316 2160.