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Business Integrity Programme


Corruption is a great ordeal in the world of business. Corruption presents critical legal and reputational risks to individuals and businesses. In recent years, fight against corruption has gained attention and support from various bodies globally. Many countries have worked on tightening and introducing anti-bribery laws as well.

In recognition to improve accountability, transparency and governance, TI-M has established the Business Integrity Programme (BIP) to help businesses, governments and civil societies achieve their goals and strengthen internal control and enhance governance and integrity since 2011. Towards this, TI-M has outlined some objectives as follows.

The objectives of the BIP are:

  • To improve governance, accountability, integrity and transparency in the business sector
  • To provide the services required by companies to deliver effective business integrity programmes
  • To support and strengthen Government initiatives in enhancing business integrity

TI works with companies, state enterprises, government departments and charities to help them in protecting their operations against corruption. We work with a wide range of organisations, from those with significant challenges, to those with strong procedures already in place and which seek to push back the boundaries of excellence and integrity still further. Much of our work is on best practices, and used in TI chapters across the region to enhance business and organisational integrity in a wide variety of fields.

TI-M Business Integrity Programme can be conducted as a workshop, seminar, tea talk, forum, dialogue and others to cater for the various target audiences.

TI-M would be pleased to facilitate the design of suitable programmes to create better understanding to the subject – Business Integrity together with the private sector.

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