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Civil Service Jobs by Non-Malays

Press Releases

Transparency International Malaysia welcomes the Government’s move to change a Malay Civil Service to a Malaysian Civil Service.


In order to do this, the Government must first determine why only 18.55% of the 409,711 applications were from non-Malays in 2004. We urge the Government to embark upon a survey to determine why the Government claims that the non-Malays do not want to join the civil service. The public will not be convinced that there are not many applications given that there are thousands of non-Malays without a job.


The Government must ensure that transparent and equitable processes are put in place throughout all levels of applications. It is only when the applications go through a transparent process at all levels, the reasons for the poor response from non-Malays to join the civil service can be determined. Further, the Government should also make transparent its processes in offering promotions and any perceived bias on racial parameters for promotions should be removed.


The Government must also take steps to promote a rewarding career path in the civil service. Non-Malays often see themselves as a minority in the civil service and therefore do not feel that they are given equal recognition to advance in the civil service. Further, the Government must also promote the civil service as a premier service where the Malays and non-Malays feel proud to serve and promote nation building.


The working environment in civil service should be conducive for a Malaysian workforce. In other words, the environment should reflect the multi-religious and multi-cultural Malaysia. For example, the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Tan Sri Bakri Omar recently issued an immediate directive that all policewomen should wear “tudung” or headscarf for the sake of uniformity regardless of race and religion. This act will seriously discourage the non-Malays away from even thinking of serving the nation through the police force.


There have been similar developments in the public service especially in the teaching profession. Not only this attitude is discouraged, but we should drive them out of it.


We therefore urge the Government to adopt a more transparent plan on how to increase non-Malays into the civil service in order to enhance national unity and harmony. A multi-racial Government service will definitely increase the image quality and efficiency of the public service. It will also promote greater national unity and acceptability of the civil service as reflecting the national aspirations of the country and its people.


Transparency International Malaysia sincerely hopes that the Government will take urgent steps to increase the intake and promotion of non-Malays in the public services. This will not be difficult to achieve if there is a real political will and a genuine effort made to make non-Malays welcomed as equals and as fellow Malaysians at all levels of the 1 million strong public service in Malaysia.