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Maintaining MACC’s Independence

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PRESS STATEMENT, 23 June 2016 Kuala Lumpur – TI-M would like to extend its gratitude to the current MALAYSIAN ANTI CORRUPTION COMMISSION (MACC) Chief Commissioner, Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed as the Chief Commissioner and Dato’ Sri Mohd Shukri Abdull as the Deputy Chief Commissioner (Operations), in view of their current reported retirement or non-renewal of their appointments in MACC.  It has been reported that Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed term of service will end on 1st August 2016 and Dato’ Sri Mohd Shukri Abdull will be retiring in October. MACC has made great strides in the fight against corruption in the country under the leadership of both these outgoing senior officers and their contribution to the initial establishment and development of MACC while facing many challenges during their term of service is unquestionable.


TI-M hopes that the incoming candidates who will take their place will be able to guide MACC in a similar manner and possess the needed qualifications and knowledge on the relevant law and processes. The incoming officers should also have the maturity to uphold the good values of this very important and independent enforcement agency and must ensure that duties in tackling corruption are performed effectively. The new Chief Commissioner should also have a good public perception, and most importantly he/she must be a person of integrity with high moral values. Ultimately, the new Chief Commissioner and the MACC as a whole must be capable of delivering the expectations of the rakyat, serving the interest of the people and the interest of justice without fear or favour. TI-M also hopes the new Chief Commissioner will work together with other organizations towards making Malaysia as one of the least corrupt countries in the world.


TI-M also takes this opportunity to reiterate on the necessity and importance of MACC’s independence. As long as MACC is not independent, it will not be effective in investigating corruption and related offences, nor punishing the corrupt. The appointment of the Chief Commissioner should always be independent and it should not be influenced by anyone in higher power and authority. MACC should also be given and have the financial autonomy to ensure its impartiality in investigating and pursuing other related actions especially when prominent public figures are involved.  We and rakyat have high hopes that such expectations will be met.



Dato’ Akhbar Satar



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