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Metramac case must be investigated by the AG and the ACA

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The findings of the Court of Appeal in the Metramac case
must be investigated by the AG and the Anti-Corruption Agency

The findings made by the Court of Appeal in its judgment in the Metramac’s case is most welcome. It is one of the very few civil cases where a court made such findings of possible criminal improprieties and corrupt deals among high ranking ministerial figure and prominent businessmen. It also raises questions on the manner in which the NEP was administered during the previous administration under Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.


Even if the Court had not directed the papers before it to be referred to the office of the Attorney General to investigate criminal improprieties on the part of those involved yet it is still open to the Attorney General to direct such investigations. We urge the Attorney General to do so. As the Court’s findings also impute possible ministerial corruption we urge the Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency to commence investigation and take appropriate action, if the evidence warrants, against those involved. Such investigation could lead to revelation of instances of grand corruption at high levels of government during the previous administration in the light of widespread speculations then.


Issued by
Dato’ Param Cumaraswamy
Transparency International – Malaysia