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The Migrant Workforce – can live with it and can’t live without it

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10 July 2018 –  It cannot be denied that having a migrant workforce is usually a contributing factor to the economic growth of a nation.  However the matter needs to be managed carefully with strong cooperation between the government and private sector, especially with regard to the influx of illegal migrant workers.

TI-M notes the immigration’s department efforts in the recent aggressive crackdown on illegal migrant workers. TI-M feels that there should also be strict enforcement on employers who are hiring illegal workers as well as those who facilitate the importation of illegal foreign workers. Action need to be taken without fear or favour against any employers who found to have violated the laws to ensure the rule of law is adhered. Any failure to take immediate action against illegal immigrant workers may cause social problems or even threat to national security. Security is non-negotiable!

The government should also consider incentivizing private sector engagement to understand the recruitment challenges faced by Malaysian businesses, and possibly to introduce responsible recruitment and employment practices to employers so as to benefit from the migrant labour market. Needless to say there should be a holistic approach to the issue and the stakeholders must seek a long term, balanced and problem solution as this impacts the country.


Dato’ Akhbar Satar


Transparency International Malaysia


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