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TI-M calls for Tan Sri Dompok to reconsider resignation as PSCI Chairman

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Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) calls for Tan Sri Dompok to reconsider his resignation as Chairman of the PSCI

TI-M deeply regrets the resignation of Tan Sri Bernard Dompok as Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Integrity (PSCI). It appears that his resignation is related to the non-attendance of the National Registration Department (NRD) to a hearing to clarify certain issues pertaining to the issuance of identity cards in Sabah.


It is a serious matter and indicates an unbecoming attitude of an agency when a meeting called by the Parliamentary Select committee can be rejected. This is also disrespectful to Parliament and reflects the standard and quality of administration of this country.

TI-M appeals for the government to request for Tan Sri Dompok to return to the position as chairman of the PSCI and the NRD to be held accountable for issuance of identity cards in Sabah where there is apparent widespread abuse. Tough disciplinary action must be taken against individuals and agencies that do not heed parliamentary meetings seriously.


The question at hand is the improvement of good governance, accountability and transparency in the public delivery system, as it has been strongly urged by the Prime Minister of Malaysia. If the attitude shown towards Tan Sri Dompok is deemed permissible, it would be extremely difficult to make further progress in improving the delivery system and the overall efficiency of government in the future.


The integrity, accountability and transparency of our government will be open to wide speculation, doubt and unfavourable comment, both domestically and internationally, if this matter is not treated with seriousness and utmost priority as this matter has led to an impasse to the problems of illegal immigrants and foreigners.


Public opinion at home and abroad will be adversely affected if prompt action is not taken to improve the integrity, accountability and transparency of the public administration in our country. TI-M urges the government to strengthen its commitment to promote good governance, transparency, accountability and to enhance integrity in all aspects of government.


Issued by
Tan Sri (Dr) Ramon V. Navaratnam
Transparency International – Malaysia