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Press Releases

TI-M fully supports the new government under the leadership of Honourable Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed to declassify the Auditor-General’s classified report on 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

The report was classified secret under OSA by the previous government despite calls by TI-M to declassify and present to Parliament since 2016.

TI-M feels with the declassification of the report the rakyat will know the actual findings of the report and all those who have been implicated in the report as the amount involved in the scandal is huge with billions of dollars.

The scandal has also affected the image of Malaysia and one of the causes for Malaysia’s position to drop in TI’s Corruption Perception Index ever since the case was investigated.

As for the 1MDB investigation TI-M strong feels the case should be investigated further and evidence related to overseas financial transactions should be obtained through mutual assistance from the financial institutions of respective countries from all over the world where the money is suspected to have been channeled.

The findings from the Auditor General’s report can also be used in their investigations by the relevant enforcement agencies investigating 1MDB case.

The 1MDB case which can be said as mother of all scandals need to be solved and all the money which has been transferred out of the country should be returned back to Malaysia.

Those involved in this scandal despite their positions should be brought to justice and face the consequences in accordance of the rule of law.

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