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TI-M supports PM’s mission in fighting corruption

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Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) supports PM’s mission in fighting corruption


TI-M strongly supports and commends Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi’s remarks in calling for greater resolve and meticulous work in fighting corruption and ensures successful convictions during an interview with the Oxford Business Group. The credibility of the government, the police and the judiciary must be upheld throughout the investigation, arrest, prosecution and punishment of the guilty.


TI-M supports and advocates the importance of investing much more resources into preventive measures to eradicate corruption such as education and reducing red tape in the bureaucracy. The public must understand that bribery is wrong, evil and unnecessary in order to move the economy and enhance the quality of life in Malaysia.


TI-M urges both the government and the private sectors to strengthen their commitment to promoting good governance, transparency, accountability and integrity in all aspects of public life in Malaysia by taking concrete steps to instil a culture of intolerance for corruption and injustice through public-private sector partnership to change the attitudes.


Issued by
Tan Sri (Dr) Ramon V. Navaratnam
Transparency International – Malaysia