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Unmask The Corrupt Report

Unmask The Corrupt Report
Unmask the Corrupt

The Unmask the Corrupt campaign is Transparency International’s 24-month collective action that is part of a larger initiative tackling the impunity of the corrupt. The No Impunity initiative includes various Transparency International programmes and activities. One of them is to promote robust national judicial systems capable of preventing and punishing corruption. Another encourages the public’s creative use of social and political sanctions against corrupt national figures who enjoy impunity from prosecution.

This document provides policy recommendations aimed at tackling the systemic global problems that enable corrupt public officials to exploit company ownership secrecy and so evade critical examination of the corrupt sources of their wealth, make extravagant luxury purchases without proper scrutiny and enter other countries to enjoy their ill-gotten gains without challenge.

The Report of Unmask the Corrupt Campaign: 2014_UnmaskTheCorrupt_Report_EN