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Alstom Bribery Conviction

Alstom Bribery Conviction
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Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) calls upon the MACC to leave no stone unturned in the investigations on Alstom’s business dealings in Malaysia.

Alstom, the French energy and transport company, was fined Euro 31 million (RM 130 million) by the Swiss Attorney General for failing to implement proper controls to prevent bribery in Malaysia, Latvia and Tunisia relating to payments to middlemen to secure government contracts to build power plants.

As the investigation involved Alstom’s business dealings in Malaysia, TI-M welcomes the news that MACC has begun investigations to determine if any corrupt acts were conducted in Malaysia or involved Malaysians. TI-M welcomes the reported action of the MACC to investigate this matter. TI-M further calls upon the MACC to act swiftly and in cooperation with the Swiss authorities based on the evidence and information gathered.

The MACC must be allowed to conduct their investigations without fear or favour, and any party which has committed acts of corruption which contravene the MACC Act must be dealt with transparently in accordance with the law.

Given the continued slide in Malaysia’s Corruption Perception Index ranking and score as shown in the 2011 results released last week, it is crucial that all efforts are made to address any allegations of corrupt practices immediately.

Issued by
Datuk Paul Low
President, Transparency International Malaysia