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NFC Should Not Divert Attention from Investigations

NFC Should Not Divert Attention from Investigations
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The Auditor General is the fulcrum of a country’s integrity system. The Auditor General is responsible for the financial integrity of the government and acts on behalf of the taxpayer in ensuring there is no misuse and abuse of public funds.

The Auditor General in his Jan 25 statement on the NFC feedlot project has stated the project had not fulfilled its objectives, due to several reasons including the failure of NFC to meet its agreed upon obligations. The Auditor General further confirmed there were weaknesses in the feedlot project.

The NFC should not divert attention from the investigations being carried out by the MACC and the Police to determine if there was any misuse of public funds that were meant for the feedlot project.

The recent statements on what words were actually used in the AG’s report should not distract attention from the investigations by MACC and police on whether public funds for a national project were being used for other purposes.

TI-M hopes that the authorities concerned would press ahead with the investigations and bring them to a quick conclusion in the public interest.