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TI-M’s Anti-Corruption and Forest Governance Walk 2013

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7 December 2013, Kuala Lumpur – Over 350 Malaysians participated in Transparency International-Malaysia’s (TI-M) Anti-Corruption and Forest Governance Walk at Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil, organised in collaboration with NKRA Against Corruption.

The large turnout supported the Walk’s theme “A Nation Free of Corruption Starts with You”, as families and individuals participated in the 1.5 km Walk, symbolizing their commitment to end corruption. Organised for the second year running, the Walk’s aim was to demonstrate public support in fighting corruption across all sectors of society as well as to raise awareness on the issue. 

TI-M’s President, Dato’ Akhbar, sent out a clear message in his welcoming speech saying “You, the Rakyat, are part of the changing drive. We must all stand as one and pledge against zero tolerance to corruption which includes zero tolerance to accepting bribes, and zero tolerance to giving bribes.”

The high public turnout and participation in TI-M’s Anti-Corruption and Forest Governance Walk is representative of public will and desire for change. TI-M urges the Government and the rest of Malaysia to be receptive to the participatory spirit displayed during Saturday’s Walk and continue to push for stronger accountability, integrity and good governance for the nation.

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