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Integrity Training Session with Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

Integrity Training Session with Mercedes-Benz Malaysia
Corporate Integrity System Malaysia

On 15th January 2014, Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) and Mercedes Benz Malaysia (MBM) jointly organised a session where MBM shared its experience in establishing and managing the MBM compliance and integrity system.

A total of 21 participants from 10 organisations from various sectors such as government-linked companies, multinational companies and private companies attended the session.

During the session, MBM showcased its integrity infrastructures, designed to  instill integrity in aspects of its operations: sales, procurement and network development. MBM also shared its integrity code and its communication & training methods. The participants learnt many practical applications to enhance the integrity systems at their companies.

TI-M extends its thanks to MBM for a high quality event, and their partnership in extending the business integrity initiative in Malaysia.

MBM CEOMark at MBM training