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2014 Corruption Perceptions Index Results

2014 Corruption Perceptions Index Results

The 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) results were launched today, announcing Malaysia’s ranking as:

2014 Country Rank: 50/175

2014 CPI Score: 52/100

The results have improved compared to last year’s which were:

2013 Country Rank: 53/177

2014 CPI Score: 50/100

Although Malaysia has climbed the ranks, TI-Malaysia still urges the Malaysian Government to take on board its 7 recommendations to ensure greater improvement. Amongst these are: strengthened political will, amend Section 36 of the MACC Act, implement a Political Party Financing Act, eligibility to join the Open Government Partnership, practice open tender, establish a multi-disciplinary task force by the Auditor-General’s department which has intervention powers, and for Malaysia to spearhead an ASEAN anti-corruption action plan.

The full list of recommendations and results can be found in the presentation below:

CPI 2014 Presentation_Final