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Youth Integrity Debate 2016

Youth Integrity Debate 2016
Youth Integrity Programme

TI-M hosted the Youth Integrity Debate 2016 at Sunway University on 23rd April this year. The showcase debate featured 6 high profile Malaysian debaters with highly successful in international debating experience and are well known in the Malaysian debating scene. The Motion of the debate was: “This house would ban private settlements in defamation suits”. The debate was held in Asian-Parliamentary format, which means that the debaters were split into two teams of three.

Amira Natasha Moore, Amrit Agastia and Patrick Cheang represented the government in proposing the motion, Deborah Woong, Siron Pareira and Jainah Jaafar sat down on the opposition bench.

The judging panel consisted of Dato’ Akhbar Satar (President, Transparency International – Malaysia), Mr. George Varughese (Vice-President, Malaysian Bar) and Prof. Dr. Stephen Hall (Head of the Centre for English Language Studies, Sunway University). After a deliberation break Prof. Dr. Stephen Hall took to the stage to explain the judge’s ruling and declared that the opposition team had won the debate.

In addition to our debaters, speakers, judges and volunteers the debate attracted over 70 guests which is nearly twice as much as last year. A big part of the audience engaged in the surrounding activities before and after the event and learned more about Transparency International – Malaysia (TI-M) with some of them even taking the first steps in speaking up against corruption themselves. Our Anti-Corruption Photo Booth drew a big crowd as usual and numerous participants signed up either for our Youth Ambassador Programme or as future volunteers.

If you have missed our Youth Integrity Debate this year, don’t fret: We will be back next year!

In the meantime, you can watch this year’s debate below.